Married with Children

Al Bundy is a middle-aged shoe seller who fails with a miserable life and a dysfunctional family on an equal footing. There is a very attractive but lazy wife named Peggy who nags in her death to constantly throwing little money at earning himself away. She also has a very mixed young girl called Kelly who is a charming and intelligent young boy named Bud, who does not have the attraction of IQ scores nor what she thinks of the lady guy. Yuppie to add misery to his next door neighbors Marcy and Steve Al. Marcy and Steve eventually left with Marcy to keep the Bundy’s and Steve’s door moving to become the next away jungle guard. Later, Peggy gets married to a gigolo named Jefferson, Marcy’s male version. Sitcom always takes you back where you started, it revolves around working life never ending never get better. Written by Brandon Johns
Married with Children

Married with Children Episodes

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