Road to Avonlea

Prince Edward Island has lived as a small agricultural community called for generations. At the beginning of the 1900s, the five King brothers, Hetty’s greatest, guarantees and manages everything within the family, working for him with high and strict standards. The older brother, Alec and his family run the King Farm. The young sister Olivia, who is still treated by others as an adult woman like baby, is still third in the position of living brother. The two additions from the royal family are King, the third big Roger Andrew King, who is off to tour the world as a famous geologist, is a bit unexpected for a stay, being a son. Sara Stanley, the fourth daughter of the other arrival, died, Ruth, the only daughter of the family but a rebel. Before Sara came to the location, Stanleys Location has moved away from the King’s relations. Sara wants to stay with relatives because her father, Blair Stanley, is being sent
Road to Avonlea

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