Star Trek Voyager

The federation star ship USS Voyager, a group of Maquis insurgents, enters the dangerous space nebula known as the Badlands. The Delta Quadrant, the two ship federations, is transported by a space probe-year, which is 75,000 light-years away. The Voyager crew and the Maquis form an uneasy ceasefire to save both ship crews, probe builder, strong, kidnapped by the Dying Guard. The Maquis ship was destroyed in a battle with warrior Kazons. To avoid a Kazon attack on a desperate world, Voyager does not have a space probe. Without the probe, the Voyager Federation will take 75 years to travel in the distance. Differences between them are processed with meaningless time and distance, unite Federation and Maquis teams to Voyager. Together, boldly go home, new missions: to do.
Star Trek Voyager

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